It is not in the power of a person to 
uproot from his heart the hope for
a better future.
z. Jabotinsky

My father would tell us many stories as he revealed to us newspaper clippings of himself in rally's of protestOnce a story of the giant Zion lion statue he constructed instead of attending his Finals exam, another, about the secret trip to Russia he took risking imprisonment, aiding the oppressed soviet jury of that time.


I can tell you that my fathers role model has always been,

Ze'ev Jabotinsky

''Ze'ev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky (1880 – 1940)
was a Zionist leader – the founder of 
the Revisionist Movement and Betar, a writer, poet,
publicist, translator and founder of the Jewish
Self-Defense Organization in Odessa. With Joseph 
Trumpeldor, he co-founded the Jewish Legion of
the British army in World War I. ''
In each and every one of us there is 
a legend in the making.
A memory that needs reminding,
a story that aught to be told 
and a figure worthy of admiration
Now its your turn to make it happen.

Going back to visit my old house always floods me with a current of different memories.

I grew up in a small town by Jerusalem in a quiet neighborhood down the windiest street in the town of Efrat.

Our house was the corner one right after the bend in front of the small patch of grass.

On Saturday afternoons that patch naturally, became our kingdom.

As all parents after lunch, are called by their beds.


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